Victoria Smith of The Lady Victoria sewing blog

Hello, I'm Victoria

I started this blog many years ago in 2013 when I started to do historical costuming. Even though I was only 19 at the time, I admired all the talented women I saw making historic clothing and writing about their experiences. Even though I'd been sewing for a few years at that point, I started to really focus my time and effort on challenging and improving myself, and started this blog to chronicle everything.

I now live in Wellington, New Zealand and work as a video game developer. When I'm not making games I dedicate my time to sewing historic, vintage and alternative fashion - sometimes all three at once. I not only make reproduction pieces to explore old techniques and styles, but I like to incorporate history into my everyday clothing.

My main focuses are the 18th century and the late 19th century/Edwardian era, as well as anything vintage. I have a particular love of undergarments throughout history, which is why my blog is almost entirely about unmentionables.

The landscape of the historical costuming community has changed so much since I was a starry eyed teenager, there's so many resources available to help people make beautiful, accurate period clothing. Hopefully I can contribute in some small way by sharing my experiences, educating, entertaining and and inspiring people.