1780's Embroidered Stays - Construction Part Five

Well, it's been a little while since i've posted. Between university starting again and generally organizing my life, sewing has been forgotten about a little.

Progress on the stays has been slow...but I have finished a quarter of the binding! Considering this is the fiddly, tabbed quarter it feels like much more of an achievement.

 They're also starting to feel like they can maybe, possibly be finished. Maybe.

I have a horrible habit of making mountains out of molehills in sewing, especially when progress slows down to a glacial pace on a fiddly detail.

 One major roadblock i've encountered is the centre front tab. On the extant example, the front side and front piece join together with a relatively 90 degree angle for the tabs at the seam.

Silk damask, lined with linen, reinforced with whalebone, hand-sewn. English 1770-1790.
On my version the front has turned out a little more frankenstein. The front and front side pieces join at a 270 degree angle with a lot of the front tab stuck behind the side tabs.

It was impossible to bind this, so i've decided to end the binding at the seam reinforcement and bind the front tab separately.

I even made a little animation to illustrate the problem better.

Probably a result of my sewing skills as opposed to the pattern, i've learnt a lesson for next time I make stays. At least the inside turned out looking quite nice. The lining is pinching on the 270 degree bend, but i'll just hide that under binding.

For now i'll keep on trying to bind in my spare time, but with end-of-year deadlines and a new job, it'll be a miracle if I finish these before Christmas.

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