18th Century Garters

I finally got a chance to get my chemise on and take some pictures of my finished garters. Although I had an irrational fear of the elastic putting too much strain on them to hold up, they've worked perfectly so far.

embroidered garters finished

I never realized how hard it is to try and take decent pictures of your own knees. I'm wearing my chemise (which I'll show in a later post since it's not too interesting by itself) and some modern stockings. I haven't gotten around to making 1700's stockings yet.

embroidered garters finished worn 1 
embroidered garters finished worn 2

And finally some close ups. These were simple and really fun to make. They're also good embroidery practice, I can see myself making a few of these in the future. There is so much more embroidery to come, however, as I'll be adding some to my stays!

close up embroidery blue flower garters
finished garters close up
finished garters closure elastic

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