1780's Embroidered Stays - Construction Part Three

I'm a day late with this post since i've been sewing today, so these images are hot off the press!

The past week i've been continuing to hand sew the seam ribbons. It's quite relaxing sitting in the sun and sewing for hours, but the lack of thimbles means my fingers are quite cut up. Next time i'll just stop being lazy and change my sewing machine thread methinks.

handsewing seam ribbon reinforcement stays

Eventually I sewed them all on. I then did a quick measurement to determine how long the straps needed to be. The straps that came with the pattern were far too short. I'm not sure how I can fit the default size for the rest of the pattern but not the straps? Maybe I have massive Godzilla shoulders, but I highly doubt that.

stays construction straps

stays construction straps seam

After that I cut out the lining. I only manged to use half a meter, so I have another half meter to do something else with. It's really pretty fabric, but i'm not sure what I can make that requires such a small amount.

stays lining pattern pieces

stays lining constructed

There isn't much I can do with the lining until I get to binding the edges, and all I have left to do before that is add the boning. First I added the small front boning pieces, then hand stitched the first curved channel since my machine doesn't have a foot to get that close without messing it up. The rest of the curved channels were machine sewn.

stays construction boning channels

I don't have pictures, but the rest of the boning is now 90% done. Just the binding and eyelets to go! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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